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Wifi problems

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Having problems connecting to your Wi-Fi? There are a couple of components that can go bad in a device that can render it unable to connect to Wi-Fi or even service. Luckily that is a repair service that we offer.

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We Can Fix It!

We will make sure your device is connecting properly as it should.

Process breakdown

  • Make sure the device is up to date.
  • Double check the settings to make sure something didn’t accidentally get switched.
  • Preform the necessary repairs on the device.
  • Preform test connection to make sure you’re back up and running.


We Accept Your Device

As soon as we get your device, we will notify you.


Diagnose & Repair

We will diagnose whats going on with your device and preform the necessary repairs.


We Send Your Device Back

As soon as the device is complete we will send your device back to you.

A device not connecting to the internet is a big problem in todays world. We will make sure that you can connect flawlessly to the internet when your device is giving you issues.

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